Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm Alive

Long story short... a 79 year old woman failed to yield (ORS 811.275) and succeeded in flanking me at around 25 MPH.

My left pedal exploded (could've easily been my ankle), my left crank arm bent through my front triangle, my front wheel was demolished, and I'm afraid that my handlebars might be bent or weakened, my forks might be bent and my bottom bracket might be broken.

On top of that my headlamp was shattered, my steel water bottle damaged, my backpack torn, and my helmet scratched up a bit. Not too bad.

I managed to do a front flip and land somewhere in the middle of the road. I limped away with my bike and a witness called the cops, whom I spent the next hour and a half with. The cops have decided that she is at fault and ticketed her, but she swears that I was riding on the sidewalk and that she had the right-of-way. So the cops said she's probably going to try and sue me. I've already filed a claim with her insurance company and am waiting to hear back from the police, as I'm going to be a witness at her trial for breaking the law.

Miraculously I wasn't hurt very badly at all, despite the 2600 pounds x 25 MPH of momentum slamming into my side. Today my left knee isn't feeling so hot - especially when twisted at all or walking down stairs. My upper back is quite sore and I have a killer headache.

Anyhow, I'm alive, and that feels good.

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