Monday, July 14, 2008

Cascade Cycling Classic

Here are some pictures from the criterium on Friday. Sick stuff, I tell you.

Sweet bikes. These guys held the top of the peloton for the second half of the race.

This one was right in front of Goody's. Their heads were literally a foot away from mine as they swept around that corner.

See that? Pinarello Prince. $5200 for the frame alone.

Somewhere around 200 riders...

Moving very quickly.

Here's Levi with the yellow jersey. Last year he placed 3rd in the Tour de France, but this year he wasn't allowed to ride. I totally got his autograph.

I don't think this guy was in the race, but he wanted to say What's up to everyone in Portland.

P.S. Tony - There was a bike with a pair of Campagnolo Shamal wheels... I thought of you.

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Tony said...

I didn't know that went through Bend. I bet that was pretty rad.