Thursday, May 29, 2008

I really like this spot

I'm not particularly into graffiti, but there was some good looking stuff around. I'm really into this are though. With any luck I'll be visiting a lot. I really missed my 30D today while I was there.
And for anyone paying attention, that is a Pista Concept laying there.


Splic said...

That place is freakin' sweet! Please take me there some time. I'd love to photograph it and ride bikes on those quarter pipes. Who's Concept is that?

Splic said...


Steve cut his hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony said...

It is a really good place to take photo's. I think it would be fun to ride those quarters as well.
The concept belongs to Kyle. I think you met him. He's really good a Smash Brothers and has dreds. He's a lucky bastard.
Steve did cut his hair. He let one of our roommates help and they fucked it up. It's pretty funny.

Splic said...

Haha nice. I want someone to cut my hair soon, it's getting long.

Yeah I remember Kyle. I'd like to play him in Smash some time even though I haven't played in a long ass time.

Oh yes and I think that I will get to see you guys a little bit this weekend which is VERY exciting. Probably no bike, but I'll try.