Sunday, May 11, 2008

Reporting From Bend

I definitely just got hit by a car for the first time.

I was cruising in the bike lane alongside a car going over 20mph when she, talking on her cell phone, decides to turn right without signaling. My left pedal arced along her passenger side door and my foot caught her wheel-well which sent me tumbling over her hood. I ended up on my back holding my bike in the air. Luckily my bike and I sustained minimal injuries. The bar tape got torn up and the bars themselves got a few deep scratches, otherwise not much damage. My right shoulder blade is scraped up but otherwise I feel great.

The best part was when I was on my way home about 2 minutes after the accident... I was going down a steep but short hill and as I was about halfway down, attempted to skid only to find out that the strap of my left pedal (which is in the rear for me when skidding) had been shredded during my previous wreck. My left foot immediately jumped out of the cage and nearly sent me into a nosedive. Scary shit.

Anyway, in other news... I've finally got a decent group of kids to ride with. For those of you that know them, they include Kellen, Cody, Shane, Jacob, Eric, Jeremy, Cameron and possibly a few other people that I've met recently. The only thing is that 5 out of those 7 people ride brand new fixies. Just makes me feel a little silly.

So that's what's up down south. I'm gonna eat some dinner now.

Oh yeah and vote for Barack Obama by May 20th!


Tony said...

What did the lady have to say about the whole deal?

How was Obama?

Also, I sold my camera today.

Splic said...

Hah... "Did I not signal?"

She also pointed out that I wasn't wearing a helmet. She was kind of nice about it but didn't really care after she saw that I wasn't hurt. At least she didn't make a big deal about me putting a nice big scratch / dent in her car.

Obama was incredible. I'm so excited to have such an amazing person step up to be the president of the United States. We can talk lots more about it later if you want, I'm a huge fan of him, haha.

Did you get the $725 that you asked? That's awfully sad to see you have to let it go...