Saturday, April 26, 2008

From Way Down South...

Hello from Bend! Calvin speaking. There's not a whole lot going on down here but I thought I'd introduce myself to anyone that reads this that I haven't met. I'll likely be moving up to Portland by the end of the summer which is exciting. Until then I'll be down here riding every single day.

It's been a long Winter and I'm glad that it's finally over. Today was warm as hell even though it's been snowing about every other day for the past month. I'm getting ready to go on a nice leisurely ride around town and enjoy the weather, but before I do that let me introduce you to my beautiful bike.

Here are the specs: '07 Schwinn Madison track frame, chrome-molybdenum all around. Alex 550 rims on Formula flip-flop hubs with Schwalbe Sport and Soma Everwear tires. KMC chain (waiting to put on my Miche track chain) with generic 18t cog (waiting to put on Miche 17t) and Formula lockring. TruVativ Touro crankset with matching 48t chainring (soon to buy Miche Advanced crankset with 47t chainring). Deda Metal Stick seatpost and a Fizik Dolomiti cross saddle. Lower end Cane Creek headset with a Deda Magic 110mm stem (waiting to put on Deda Newton 90mm) and Deda Elementi Pista deep drops... so beautiful. Other than that, stock double gate clips mounted on some burly platforms.

I think that pretty much covers the entire bike, haha. I'm in love with it. As I said, I've got a few things that I'm waiting to put on it and I've almost saved up enough for the new crankset. After that I think I'll be done upgrading for a while. The next thing would be a new wheelset, I suppose.

For those of you that aren't already bored to death... I have a decent commute every day but Sunday (relaxing ride for that) which keeps me busy. In my off time I practice some tricks, but nothing too crazy. My most recent accomplishment makes me giggle, though. Last night I rode down a five-stair... backwards. It was pretty sweet.

Well, holla back. Say Hi whether or not I know who you are!

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xela said...

Calvin! I can't wait to see your face (and lovely bike) riding around Portland. Come visit soon and see your home-to-be.