Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Get Drunk

Today I put the following Multi Functional Game Table on Craigslist.

As far the asking price I explained that we were willing to take "$20, free, or whatever. Donations accepted as we are broke college kids." Steve's phone rang off the hook instantly and he told the first caller to come pick it up. When they arrived it was a middle aged couple. The type that seemed like that had a collection of children at home of various ages. They called each other things like "honey" and "dear." The husband man-handled the heavy pieces to his oversize truck while his wife lurked around the house carrying a small box of miscellaneous parts and peaking her head into every room at least once. With them they brought, what I am guessing they were calling a "donation."

I'm not complaining. We all love beer. But Busch? No only Busch. Busch Light. I didn't even know they made Busch Light and now we proudly own twelve of them. Probably something Dad had lying around the garage.
After a quick bit of research I found that you can buy said beverage at Safeway for $7.49.

For all the stereotypical drunk college kids out there, start trading your possessions to middle aged families for beer. Cheap beer.
It's genius.


Splic said...

So genius!

Hah that's actually kind of sad to see that thing go. I remember the day that we got it... for Christmas about six years ago. It was fun but kinda a POS. Everything sucked but the foosball part.

Tony said...

Yeah. It was just taking up space.